Prof Dr Tipu Zahed Aziz



( One of the pioneer researcher of Deep Brain Stimulation in the world)

Prof. Tipu is one of the very few top ranking Neurosurgeons worldwide & first ever Bangladeshi-British founding Functional Neurosurgeon in UK.

He was born in 1956 in Dhaka , Father Md. M. A Aziz was also a doctor and researcher . Prof. Tipu spent his first seventeen years of life in Bangladesh , Then left for UK where he completed his MBBS degree.

He spent about 30 years of his life in research of functional Neurosurgery specially the Parkinson’s disease surgery . His another field of interest is terminal cancer pain management like Cingulotomy , Rizotomy etc And Non-Surgical Spinal pain Management.

At present, he is supervising a very sophisticated and sensitive rerearch work on Deep Brain Stimulation in Pedunculo-pontine nucleus for the management of advanced Parkinson’s disease, severe postural hypotension & multi system atrophy of brain . About more than 30 researchers worldwide awarded with PhD degree under his direct supervision . He has published hundreds of scientific papers in many reputed & prestigious journals world wide. He established Functional Neurosurgery centers first ever in many countries like Finland , Malaysia , Brazil , UK, Ireland ,Greece etc and of course his mother land Bangladesh .

Recently , on 21 March 2019, he received the most prestigious lifetime achievement award from the British Society of Neurological surgeons and he is the only first ever working Neurosurgeon in UK received such award since 1926.